Pass It On: Design, Teaching, Life

Krzysztof Lenk in conversation with Ewa Satalecka

2020, (English edition) by The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw; 2018, (Polish edition) by Karakter, Kraków

Polish edition (Podaj Dalej) is available for purchase from Karakter

In a fascinating conversation with Ewa Satalecka, Krzysztof Lenk recounts his early years, his passion for theater and literature, as well as insights on design practice and teaching from decades of work as a graphic designer and educator.

Lenk was a Polish graphic designer and lecturer specializing in publication and information design. His studies at the Academies of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Katowice led him to practice commercial publication design in Poland, France and the United States, where he taught at the Rhode Island School of Design for nearly 30 years. During the internet boom in the 1990’s he co-founded the studio Dynamic Diagrams, and emerged as one of the pioneers of information architecture and interactive media design. His lectures, workshops and classes spanned five continents and earned recognition.

From this book emerges a figure of a man of many talents – an erudite, an excellent storyteller, teacher by vocation, and above all an artist for whom design is a way of looking at the world and understanding the processes that take place in it.

Andrzej Klimowski, excerpts from the Foreword to Pass It On:

Spurred by Ewa Satalecka’s poignant questions Lenk paints a vivid and enthralling picture of a designer’s profession … from the linear articulation of narrative in magazine and book design into the three dimensional, non linear narration of the internet … it becomes evident just how much we owe him for our understanding of information and data, the subject he chose to pursue in his practice and teaching in the USA.